Volcanic Age
Fair Wind Scroll
The Child of Light
Aged Beauty
The Queen Is Busy
Fei Ren Zai
How to be God
Rich Player
Vampire Adonis
Lady Gladiator
Feng Ni Tian Xia
My Great Sword
Demonic Housekeeper
Supreme Demon
Modern MoGal
Resurrecting Queen
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The Chapter 8 is missing.

4 days ago


LIke i am amazed by these guys release another chap by the margin of 2 hours u the best


It's rather interesting that they would pick a type 2 AK47. I thought most people would rather go for common models like a type 3 or AKM.


Yeeeeaaah...how bout no

1 months ago The Rapeman


When will this be updated? Its been over 2 months and the raw version is like 9 chapters ahead.

1 months ago